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10 Jul 2017

Online Shopping for Tactical Apparel


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Posted By Grant A.

Military clothing can be summed up in three categories: outerwear, underwear and the clothing itself. In this article we will talk about outerwear and how to protect you from the elements by using the proper weather gear.

Outerwear consists of jackets, parkas, hats, scarfs, boots, and socks. All of these items are considered cold weather items. All military clothing comes in the military colors consisting of olive drab, dessert tan, black, and navy blue.

Keeping Your Head Protected -

Beginning with the head, there is a mask with one hole and one with three holes made of either wool or acrylic and can be worn to cover your face or just as a cap to cover your head. They come in a variety of colors for each of the military branches, which consist of olive drab, navy blue, black, and dessert tan. Another item to be worn over your head is a one holed mask that comes down past your shoulders and keeps your neck covered in severe weather.

Military Jackets -

Next is your jacket and that could be a military 'Pea coat' which is a nice, wool and nylon blend jacket for dressier days and not worn out into the field. They come in black and navy blue.

There are field jackets that have a button in lining of nylon, the same material as the rest of the jacket. That will keep the wind out but not the cold. There are companies that manufacture a quilted lining for the field jackets that will keep you warmer in the winter if you are not able to get a or do not need a parka. There are other jackets, such as a flight jacket which stops at the waist and are usually made of quality leather and made more for airmen and show than for warmth. All jackets, except for the 'Pea coats' come in the traditional colors of the Armed Forces: green camouflage and dessert tan and navy.

What you would want to wear into the field would be a parka and that would be made of a thick, water repellent nylon shell and a synthetic coyote fur trim for extra warmth when the draw string is pulled around the attached hat. They are usually poly fiber filled with an extra pocket for all your tactical gear. These are also available in all military colors.

Military Pants -

There are now new cold weather insulated pants to go with your parka. Made of a three layer, windproof and waterproof, yet breathable fabric, they have reinforced knee and seat areas. And they meet military specifications and come in all the colors approved for military operations.

Military Coveralls -

If two pieces, a parka and pants aren't your style, then try the coveralls. They are an insulated one piece that zips up the front and covers you from your neck to your ankles. They come in all the military specifications and colors to keep you warm from the bitter cold. You can dress in layers underneath the roomy coveralls and stay dry and comfortable for as long as you need to be out in the elements of cold.

Military Gloves -

Gloves come in a variety of styles and types. There are gloves that are thinly insulated with a poly fiber filling so that picking up items is not troubled by thick insulation. There are gloves that have no fingertips so you can be more dexterous while keeping your hands warm. Companies also manufacture a military glove that has lines of traction for extra gripping capabilities when needed such as when holding a rifle or other firearm. One can wear woolen or cotton gloves under the thicker, insulated gloves for extra protection against the elements. All are made with military grade durability in mind.

Military Socks -

Wearing thick, insulated socks on your feet is a good idea in almost any weather. Companies manufacture hiking socks that are cushioned for comfort and are moisture resistant. If water resistant is what you are looking for, there is a pair of socks that are made from nylon and Lycra Spandex and are completely water resistant. The inside layer is made of a light yarn that allows perspiration to escape and still fits like a glove, not allowing any water to penetrate into your skin.

Military Boots -

Boots are worn to protect your feet from frost bite and stepping on things that could hurt your feet. There are steel toed boots with breathable insulation and shock absorbency in the bottom of the foot plate. They come in black, olive drab, dessert tan. They all lace up the front and come with the thick rubber soles.


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