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7 Jul 2017

The Twisted Tactical Knife Collector


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Posted By Melvin M.

Collecting the tactical knife can be quite the satisfying hobby. I have been collecting tactical knives for years and can say that I fond of each and every one of them.

The tactical knife is called tactical for the obvious reason of design. The design is implemented with the purpose of creating the perfect professional tool. The tactical knife is meant to suit a particular user may he or she is a police officer, soldier or outdoorsman.

Do not be deflated by the politics behind the tactical knife. A lot of folks have made the tactical knife out to be a dangerous weapon that should be restricted or taken off of the market so the population will be safe.

It is silly to believe that restricting a tactical knife will actually detour a criminal from carrying out a crime that he or she has a mind to do. This would only succeed in removing the restricted item from the hands of those that follow the law.

Now, there is a positive side to the silliness and uproar of those that are against the ownership of a tactical knife. This brings attention and desire to many to actually own one of these knives. This is a very big plus for the tactical knife collector as it drives up value and desirability.

How do you go about locating a tactical knife?

Well, to be straight and blunt about it, look online. You will find more tactical knives available online than you can possibly care to examine. Unless, of course, you suffer form the same affliction that I do. That affliction would be an overcoming desire to own every tactical knife on the market.

Now, when examining a tactical knife, ensure that you check out a few important aspects before slapping down the money. You will want to educate yourself on knife steel. If you actually use your tactical knife, you will certainly have to sharpen it. Knife steel plays an important role in how often you must sharpen your knife and how difficult it is to do so.

Another important characteristic of the tactical knife is the grip and how it fits your hand. The grip is important; you want to be comfortable when using your knife. The muscle between the thumb and pointer finger can become quite fatigued with constant use. The last thing you want is to be too tired and fatigued to continue whatever mission or task you are on.

How many tactical knives are there out there? How could I possibly choose the best one for me?

Well, my advice, buy one of each. I know, you are laughing at me. Well, that is what I do. You will find the tactical knife market to be quite economical; especially a few popular manufacturer brands.

Tactical knives are designed to be fair priced as the designer knows that you are going to beat the heck out of them. If you snap a tip, or drop one down a canyon you are rappelling up, you do not want to have to skip the next truck payment to purchase another. As a matter of fact, you want to have a standby tactical knife ready for use on your person when taking on those adrenaline pumping endeavors.

I mentioned earlier that I am an avid tactical knife collector. My collection mostly consists of two each of every knife I own. Why do I do this? Well, there is a solid reason. When I am showing off my collection; which I do more often than I should, I want to be armed with personal experience.

I own a tactical knife; which has never been used, for demonstration and showing-off. Then, I own the exact same tactical knife; which has been beaten down, dulled, sharpened, re-sharpened, slammed, banged, dropped, thrown and just about everything else I can put this knife through. I do this so I can tell folks that this knife is top-notch and will withstand much abuse.

I am certainly not telling you that you must own two of the same of every tactical knife out there. But, I do this because they come and go from the market quite often. I guess I fear that I will purchase one, beat it up and I will not be able to find a replacement to add to my collection if I truly am mad about the knife.

Knives carry a lot of sentimental value once you get that collection going. Tactical knives carry the sentiments and the stories. I assure you, you will be bragging and at times, exaggerating about every trip and experience with you knives. Of course, I always tell the accurate story.


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